1.  PEP check status: This will display either Passed (If the individual is not on a watchlist), Failed (if the individual appears on a watchlist), or N/A (If a PEP check was not run with your verification)
  2. Match Status: Displays if a full match, a partial match, or not watch was made, an in-depth description of this output can be found {Link}
  3. Safe Harbour: Displays Red or Green to indicate whether the individual qualifies for safe harbour or not, a break down of what is needed to achieve safe harbour is outlined here {Link}.
  4. Input data: Shows what data was submitted to IDU.
  5. Data source: Displays what data source the data from fig.4 is being checked against.
  6. Data source output: Displays the results for the data source from fig.5 along with values such as name matching score and safe harbour score.
  7. Edit search: Returns you to the search page with all previous data pre-entered. 
  8. Generate PDF: Creates a downloadable or printable pdf that contains a detailed break down of your search and its results.