A Reporting reference is a uniquely identifiable code included in your search that allows our support team to better identify your query when reporting an issue. Reporting References can be found in both IDU Web and API outputs.

When submitting a ticket it is good to include the Reporting Reference so our agents can help you as quickly as possible.



    "countryCode": "New Zealand",
    "clientReference": "Weekly Monitoring",
    "reportingReference": "DZ-fda566e8-f365-4524-a5f7-f7e5114359bc",
    "matchStatus": "Full Match 1+1 Verification",
    "searchErrorMessage": "",
    "safeHarbour": false,
    "searchStatus": "Successful",
    "serviceResponses": {
        "New Zealand DIA Birth": {
            "status": 0,
            "sourceStatus": "Successful",
            "errorMessage": "",
            "identityVerified": true,
            "safeHarbourScore": "M2",
            "nameMatchScore": "1.000",
            "addressMatchScore": "N/A",
            "verifications": {
                "dateOfBirth": true,
                "firstName": true,
                "lastName": true,
                "middleName": true
            "returnedData": {}

See Line 3